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With chronic exposure to adverse factors, a change occurs in the myocardium, which leads to a gradual expansion of the cavity and thickening of the walls. Dilatation of the left ventricle of the heart in the absence of timely therapy increases the risk of complications. Most often, thrombosis and fibrillation of the ventricles or auricles are observed. In some patients, the valvular apparatus is affected, which is manifested by the expansion of the ring, deformation of the structures and ends with the formation of an acquired heart disease. After the transition from the stage of compensation to decompensation, the appearance of fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascites) is noted, the size of the liver increases (hepatomegaly). The skin of such patients becomes moist and cold to the touch. Systolic blood pressure decreases. Tachycardia is noted.

Congenital heart defects.

The impact of adverse environmental factors occurs already during pregnancy. If the lesion becomes extensive, then the fetus dies. In the case of a slightly pronounced lesion, a defect is formed. Inflammatory diseases, which include myocarditis, pericarditis, endocarditis. The risk group includes children and adolescents, who often have cases of this pathology. Diseases of the cardiovascular system in a chronic form. These include arterial hypertension, angina pectoris, ischemia. Metabolic syndrome, the basis of which lies in the presence of overweight and diabetes in the patient. Chronic pathology of the lung tissue. Diseases of the kidneys, endocrine and hematopoietic systems. genetic predisposition. autoimmune disorders.

Each patient with left ventricular dilatation, already knowing what it is, must follow all medical recommendations. With this diagnosis, early diagnosis and initiation of treatment are important. In advanced forms, the likelihood of developing heart failure is high. In these same patients, the valvular apparatus is deformed, which leads to mitral insufficiency. This diagnosis significantly impairs the quality of life and reduces its duration. The prognosis for patients is poor.

Chronic intoxication with alcohol and nicotine is considered one of the common factors of dilatation. This group also includes side effects from drugs. Of the endocrine pathology, pheochromocytoma is the most common. It is a benign or malignant form of tumors. It is characterized by excessive production of adrenaline. The average survival rate for left ventricular dilatation is 10 years. If the course is asymptomatic, then life expectancy is an average of 5 years. Patients with chronic heart failure observed in a hospital survive up to 50% of those admitted.

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It is important for each patient to remember that the first symptoms are not considered normal and require a complex of diagnostics.nose procedures. Timely treatment will reduce the risk of complications, and treatment will prolong life for many years. The following sources of information were used to prepare the material. Why does dilatation of the heart occur and how is it treated.

The expansion of one or more cavities of the heart is called dilatation. The main factors leading to an increase in the internal volume of the atria or ventricles are the action of high blood pressure, a decrease in the tone of the heart muscle. This condition is not an independent disease and requires clarification of the cause of the appearance. After its elimination, the size of the heart can return to normal. The advanced form of dilatation is accompanied by heart failure. Expansion of the chambers of the heart may be.

Tonogenic, caused by an increase in pressure in the cavity.

Occurs when the valve openings narrow or increased pressure in the aorta or pulmonary artery. May precede myocardial hypertrophy. The tone of the heart muscle and contractility are preserved, it passes into the myogenic type with progression. Myogenic. The reason is a decrease in the contractility of the heart muscle due to dystrophic disorders. A persistent and irreversible process, myocardial fibers are stretched and elongated. Occurs in myocarditis and atherosclerosis.

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Changes in each of the parts of the heart occur due to a violation of the outflow tract from it or an increased load on the incoming increased volume of blood.
Why there is a change in the right and left sections, ventricles, cavities, chambers.

The expansion of the cavity can occur when the left atrioventricular orifice narrows, making it difficult for blood to pass into the ventricle.

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Increased intake in arterial hypertension may subsequently increase the stretching of the walls.